Oskar Holding
Anadolu Elektrik has been established in 1976 in Ankara. The leading engineering group in the fields of Energy, Telecom, Transport Infrastructure, Land Development, Office & Home Construction and Information Technology, Anadolu Elektrik took firm steps forward in the sector and managed to become the admiral ship of Oskar Holding.

Our company is providing projects requiring special abilities, lighting design solutions and production and consultancy services to nationwide Public Institutions, Turkish Armed Forces and private sector groups.
Founded in 1988, Oskar Elektri̇k has since offering a wide range of products to the national and international market and is performing marketing, sales and service of electrical materials with a priority on customer satisfaction.
Oskar Energy is serving in the energy sector, in line with the great importance energy has gained in modern times. Our company is involved in national and international projects and is also providing commitment services.
Considered to be the future of lighting, LED production is rapidly improving and becomes part of our lives as energy saving. Led is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of Light Emitting Diode. LED is a semi-conductor circuit element converting electrical energy into light.

LED is used as a light source, it has brought great changes to our lives and thanks to high efficiency of light and low energy consumption it produces highly successful results in long life and high colour rendering.

Our company is producing self-designed LED products and took its place in the sector. As Oskar LED, we have been awarded all the quality certificates required for this field.
Cooperating with the most dynamic real estate advisors of Turkey, Oskar GYO is serving actively in the fields of investment consultancy, leasing and sales.
Oskar Kablo ve Sistemleri is a producer and seller of conductors used for electricity current transmission and products manufactured from materials such as copper, aluminium etc.
Anadolu Elektrik Bakü has been operating in Azerbaijan / Baku since the beginning of 2016. Contractor works continue with over 12 substations.