Oskar Holding
Taking its energy and thrill from Anatolia, where ancient civilizations rose to prominence, Oskar Holding has witnessed the great journey of humanity in this geography and with the inspiration it has taken, is serving in the fields of energy, a leading indispensable source of life for modern man, energy safety and energy equipment. 

Our company keeps moving forward in a determined journey to establish good quality, fast and reliable living spaces all around the world. With an experience acquired over 40 years and the mission to seek future from today, we are always at work to ensure energy usage and energy safety to be needed by humanity during the journey towards future. With the eco-sensitive power generation plants we have built internationally and efficient usage of energy resources we contribute to a world worth living. 

We are playing an effective role in the energy projects of areas with strategic and global importance such as national defence, communication, social living spaces and logistics. With the with-spread service and sales network we always fulfil the expectations when needs arise.

Company Capability Definitions;

- Over 40 years of proven success.
- Financial power and credibility,
- Experienced administration staff and qualified personnel,
- International project management experience,
- Complete turnkey solution capacity,
- Concept design, construction, engineering, commitment machinery and equipment capacity,
- Energy, Telekom, transport infrastructure projects and commitment,
- Procurement, financial management,
- Production, sales and marketing,
- Real estate investment and real estate consultancy.

Company Service Definitions;


- Preparing surveys, plans and projects of the distribution facilities, transformer stations and power transmission lines,
- Site studies, topographic cadastral and environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies,
- Primary and secondary projecting,
- Selecting command, protection and automation systems,
- Selecting material characteristics,
- Field works and implementation,
- Commissioning of the system,
- Production in line with quality principles.


- Budget estimation preparation of tender documents; (turnkey, unit price based)
- Preparing the tender documents, including estimation costs, of the projects to be financed by the World Bank and covered by the procedures and principles of the public procurement act.


- Supervisory services for operation, maintenance, repair and installation of the facilities,
- Performing the necessary surveys for the rehabilitation of existing facilities,
- Preparation of plan and final projects,
- Services to take the rehabilitated facilities into operation.