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Contrat Services

Our company is performing turnkey works on power, energy, telecommunication, transport infrastructure, lighting, land development, office-home and information technologies.

Construction is a field of work that requires expertise. By observing all types of technical specifications and electricity criteria, we are serving with a team of experts during the production, pre-analysis, design, installation, test and commissioning stages.

* Supervisory services for operation, maintenance, repair and installation of the facilities.
* Performing the necessary surveys for the rehabilitation of existing facilities.
* Preparation of plan and final projects.
* Services to take the rehabilitated facilities into operation in a timely and complete and manner. 

Some examples;
* EnerjiSA Infrastructure Renewal Services.
* Power Services for Ankara Chamber of Commerce 2nd and 3rd Areas.
* All Power Systems Institutional Maintenance and Repair Services.
* City Lighting and Pool Systems Institutional Maintenance and Repair Services.